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To Get a Client You Need a Portfolio, to Get a Portfolio You Need Clients... *Sigh*

We've all heard it: to get a job you need a resume, to make a resume you need a job history. It makes about as much sense as entry level positions requiring 2-4 years experience! When did the world get so up down turned around?

The odds of a big client hiring a freelance writer without a portfolio are laughable, so how do you get a paying gig at the genesis? Thankfully, just like the examples I mentioned, there are plenty of real life Life Hacks for breaking into the industry.

Surprise! This is one of them! Starting a blog is a tried and true method of creating a happy portfolio for clients. Holly Johnson, an award winning freelance writer featured in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, got her start by creating a budgeting themed website and posting money saving blog articles.

Look forward to more ideas for breaking into the industry!

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